Kendra Alexandra | Stolen Inspiration

“When I first moved to New York I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I just felt it fed me more.” – Carrie Bradshaw



Kendra Alexandra created Stolen Inspiration in 2009 to feed her visual appetite with any fashion related imagery the best way she could. Now in 2017, Stolen Inspiration has grown to be one of the most well known New Zealand fashion blogs, showcasing daily outfits, travel diaries and life style content.


Stolen Inspiration has worked with some of the industries leading brands, including Adidas, Converse and Pandora. Kendra was also one of 5 bloggers flow to New York in 2015 with Impulse to experience ‘Scents in the City’. She enjoys mixing high and low end brands to create the perfect attainable style that her readers keep coming back for.


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