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TANDA CANDLE | Stolen Inspiration | NZ Fashion Blog

TANDA CANDLE | Stolen Inspiration | NZ Fashion Blog1TANDA CANDLE | Stolen Inspiration | NZ Fashion Blog1


if there’s one thing I can never own enough of its candles. I think you’ll agree it’s a luxury coming home to a room that smells amazing. An assortment of vanilla, or maybe even pear? Mine is currently Tahitian Lime & Coconut and it makes me crave a tropical island getaway.

In New Zealand we don’t have enough cheaper candle options and I’m talking under $60 here people. I wanted to introduce my new favourite candle label TÄNDA. They’re now shipping to New Zealand and you can get yourself a wood wick candle for as cheap as $30, which I think is a score. I also got the Tangerine Guava candle that smells delicious and which my mum has already stolen. There are a heap of other yummy scents to choose from and I also love how they crackle when you light them too because of the wood wick. Perfect autumn vibes if you ask me.