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Pinterest Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, I had an amazing day and couldn’t of asked for more. Every time I start to procrastinate I start searching dainty rings and necklaces. I’m not sure […]



Polyvore: kendraalexandra This is my attempt at doing a post from a hotel room using my phones Internet, it’s definitely not the easiest thing to do, but how handy are iPads? Here’s a couple of […]


Repossi & Ryan Storer Earcuffs The ear cuff trend isn’t exactly new but I haven’t acknowledged it until now. Within the last year we’ve seen small single ear cuffs evolve to become elaborate pieces of […]





Source:  KendraAlexandra Polyvore Sometimes I completely forget I have Polyvore, well atleast I try. It only makes me want to buy so much more than I’ll ever need. It’s fun though to document ideas and outfit […]


Leopard Jacket by H&M I fell in love with this jacket some time ago but completely forgot about it until now. I’ve been looking for a perfect leopard jacket like this for so years now. […]


1  2  3  4 1  2  3  4  5 1  2  3  4  5 Do you ever find that you make plans to get A, B and C while shopping but get into town and realize you’ve […]


Source: KendraAlexandra Polyvore In a perfect world this is what my Summer would look like. Yesterday was the most perfect day, far too hot and I spent it inside working. I can’t complain because it’s […]


 Sweater – Shorts – Bag – Boots – Glasses  Sweater – Skirt – Bag – Shoes – Glasses Sweater – Skirt – Bag – Shoes – Bra – Glasses Ever since my holidays started I’ve been obsessed with finding new things to […]


Source: My Polyvore With only two weeks left it’s easy to just get caught up how little time there is until holidays. I can’t wait to go home and organise to sell heaps of my […]