Lunchtimes at school drag on for so long we decided to do something a little more productive than sitting in the common room talking. Luckily school’s lenses are compatible with my camera so we took photos with their fish eye lense. I always relate this lense to party photos but it was fun playing around with and took some cool photos all the same.

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  • ah i love these pictures! fish eye lense does give an awesome effect.

  • that fish-eye looks really cool!



  • these shots are so fun! id love to try a fish eye lens one day. also, you're freaking good at editing!x


  • Cool fish eye shots! The sleeve detail on the first images is INSANELY cool!

  • Cute photos đŸ™‚

  • Nice shots!

  • Cute shots! (: Fisheye lenses are fun to play with!

  • fantastic pics!a great style…


  • Here I am Kendra!
    Sorry for the late dear!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

    Love this photos. <3

  • nice pics!
    here is summer time already and now I miss winter.. we always want what we don't have! ha!

  • I love these photos! You have a lovely blog. your a babe <3

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  • i absolutely love these photos!! your whole blog is GREAT! keep up the awesome work hun!