Velvet Dreaming

Velvet choker 2016 |

Velvet Must Haves | | Velvet choker, velvet slip dress
Besides Pokemon Go and the new Harry Potter book, there’s a new kid all over the block that’s got me excited. That’s velvet. Yeah, it’s not exactly new since I’ve been craving a pink velvet dress ever since Twenty-Seven Names brought out one in their collection forever ago, but it’s back in a newer and cooler way. Slip dresses from Are You Am I, chunky boots from ASOS and chokers in pastel colours – what’s not to love? I’m on the hunt now for the perfect crushed velvet slip dress because it’s literally impossible to find

I’m currently sitting in a hostel in Brighton writing this, craving the heat. I’m not sure if this is a normal summer by UK standards but it’s pretty underwhelming. It’s amazing to me how you can hop on a plane for an hour and be in a completely different climate and culture though. You can’t even get from Auckland to home in that time – pretty bloody lucky.